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Scs. de F. Masens, S.A.

From 1830,


In the marine village of Malgrat de Mar, located in the north part of the Maresme region, the Masens family is dedicated to the trade of the local produced wine as well as of other agricultural products. We started our business at the beginning of the 19th century.


With the past of the years we have increased our range of products and we got to supply in new shops, lodging houses and rural houses in the area. In 1976 Masens changed its name and became Scs. De F.MASENS S.A. and moved to the nearby town called Palafolls. There we built new and modern facilities in order to produce, filter and bottle our wines and we mechanized the whole work system and computerized our production and management system.


Masens is nowadays an important and modern company, which apart from producing our own wines, we also distribute QUICO oils since the beginning of the 20th century. Furthermore we also distribute cavas, liqueurs, beer and so on. We reach bars, restaurants and hotels in the whole touristic zone of Maresme and Costa Brava regions as well as the interior and different areas of Catalonia and Europe.